Mozilla announces two commitments for accessibility to support Global Connect Initiative

The Global Connect Initiative global actions is a multistakeholder group of more than 100 participants from over 27 countries under the lead of the U.S. State Department and the World Bank. This program combines the efforts from the public, private and civil sectors with the ultimate goal of providing 1.5 billion new users worldwide with access to internet by 2020.

Last April 14, Mozilla announced two commitments to support this initiative and promote the objective of providing universal internet access:

  1. To launch a public challenge in 2016 to promote innovation and solutions for providing affordable access to the web and digital literacy skills. This action would try to gather new ideas for connecting more people and preparing them to take advantage of the full benefits generated by ICTs.
  2. To build a global hub to provide women with digital skills that allow them to actively participate online. So far the organization is working with United Nations Women to create clubs for women and girls in Kenya and South Africa. However, this new commitment would be focused in creating a global hub for digital literacy to decrease the digital gender gap.

According to Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, having access to the Web is essential, nevertheless, knowing how to use it is nowadays a “basic foundational skill next to reading, writing and arithmetic”. For this reason, Mozilla foundation would focus its efforts both in access and digital literacy.

Additional Sources: BetaNews