Digital Muse Girl Tech Fest 2016: Technology and creativity

Girl Tech Fest 2016 Poster

Girl Tech Fest 2016 Poster is a global collaborative network created by the Digital Leadership Institute to attract girls to get involved in STEM fields and improve their digital skills. In order to do so, the program organizes events where technology meets creative enterprises such as music, design, gaming and audiovisual contents production. It teaches girls practical skills that they can use in their daily lives, and allows them to interact with role model professionals that teach them how to express their stories through software programming, digital media and audiovisual computing tools.

On 30 April, Digital Muse organized the Girl Tech Fest 2016 in Brussels to celebrate International Girls in ICT Day. This all-day event was targeted to 11-15 year old girls with the support of some of the major technology companies as well as public institutions from Europe. Through a series of workshops, participating girls were able to use diverse high-tech gadgets and get engaged in a series of workshops to acquire creative digital skills such as: Digital Music Composition and Building Smarter SmartPhone Apps.


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