CEDRO’s Telecentros to provide rural communities in Peru with digital skills

On 21 April Peru’s Center for Information and Education to Prevent Drug Abuse (Cedro) provided certificates to a group of beneficiaries that received ICT training in their “Telecentros” connectivity hubs. The CEDRO Digital Inclusion program has supported remote communities in Peru since 2012 with the support of USAID. Currently, after finishing the construction of 30 centers in 2015, the hubs are operating and collaborating with the population to increase their digital skills.

What is most important about the Telecentros, is that they are designed to provide access to digital tools and training for a wide target population that include children, girls, adults (including indigenous populations and cacao farmers) and seniors depending on the needs of each community. Different locations are served in San Martín, Huánuco and Ucayali regions through a series of seminars, conferences, courses and events.

In addition, the project promotes the creation of infrastructure necessary to allow rural communities to more efficiently communicate and become part of the knowledge society.

For more information, visit the USAID website

Additional Sources: Diario Voces