Code:Mobile travelling computer lab will teach 10,000 Canadian youth how to code this summer

CodeMobile Interactive Roadtrip Map

Code:Mobile Interactive Roadtrip Map Screenshot

Code:mobile is the name of Ladies Learning Code’s first traveling computer lab, which will drive through Canada this summer to teach 10,000 youth how to code and use different digital technologies. The tour started in Toronto on 1 May and will continue to empower youth throughout the country to become innovators with collaborative hands-on experience.

The Code:mobile initiative will provide technology training in over 50 Canadian cities from May to September 2016 in partnership with Microsoft Canada through the YouthSpark initiative. The main objective of the program is to visit both privileged and underprivileged communities in a mobile computing truck laboratory that inspires Canadian girls and boys to become active builders and not just technology consumers.

Ladies Learning Code is a not-for-profit organization that aims to involve women and youth in learning technical skills with hands-on collaborative experiences. Since 2011, the organization has held over 600 workshops and events reaching over 24,000 students. Its overall goal is to teach 200,000 Canadian women and youth to code by 2020.

Follow the track of “Ladies Learning Code’ through Canada at Code:Mobile

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