Creative Marathon to promote children digital inclusion in Latin America

“Launching People – Mixed Talents” is Samsung’s program to get Millennials engaged in generating ideas and solutions for promoting digital inclusion of children in Latin America. The overall concept consists in combining the skills of young people from multiple backgrounds to combine their ideas with guidance from experts in the technology and education fields.

Last May 11-12, the end of the “Launching People – Mixed Talents” campaign took place with a Digital Inclusion Creative Marathon in Mexico City, where more than 70 participants from various fields collaborated to suggest solutions. Professors, developers, programmers, engineers, businessmen and NGO leaders, among others, worked together to foster access to ICTs in the Latin American region.

During the 16-hour-long event, the participants were divided in six teams to develop their digital inclusion ideas for children. They were engaged in activities such as brainstorming, debating, problem solving dynamics, user experience design and programming. Teams received the support of four different experts:

  • Daniela Gonçalves, head of Epic Queen Girls in ICT NGO from Mexico
  • Gonzalo Sánchez Davidovich from Chile, specialized in education and computing
  • Juan Carlos Mejía Llano from Colombia, Digital marketing, social media and e-commerce consultant
  • Franco Chamochumbi from Peru, works at Laboratoria NGO in inclusive education related projects

In the end, the wining team was awarded with a total amount of USD8,000 Their project, “Maestros Interactivos”, consisted of an interactive platform that allows professors to easily create digital educational content that looks like video games. The project is divided in two parts: an application and a database to store the students’ answers. This is meant to attract the attention of the students and contribute to the overall learning process.

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