HelpAge India Digital Training for older adults

HelpAge India is a non-government organization specialized in supporting disadvantaged senior citizens. As one of its later projects, the charity platform designed a basic tech learning guide called “Making smartphone and computer learning fun and easy” in order to share knowledge about tech skills in a simple format and generate backup materials for providing further training sessions.

The idea came up from one of the organization’s workers, Ishanti Ghose, who thought about it after teaching her grandmother technology lessons. The project is now supported by pan-India Senior Citizens Associations network.

In order to teach senior citizens digital skills, HelpAge India recruited more than 100 volunteers in 15 cities to take a two-day training session over the last months of 2015. Until now, up to 350 training sessions have been offered.

Since then, HelpAge India has continued to train older people with the support of volunteers that travel across the country performing their duties. The skills earned by seniors are meant to be used later for engaging in everyday tasks, keeping in touch with their families or friends and increase their opportunities to become part of the information society. Some of the main topics covered in the courses are Google Maps, Whatsapp, paying online bills and booking cabs, among other things.


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