Use, Understand & Create Digital Literacy Framework for Canadian secondary schools

MediaSmarts is a Non Profit center that promotes digital and media literacy among young people in Canada. ( ) Last May 25, it launched the framework “Use, Understand & Create: A Digital Literacy Framework for Canadian Schools (9-12)” to further elaborate on its 2015 manual to support professors in integrating digital literacy into their classrooms.

The framework, funded through the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA) Community Investment Program, adopts a cross-curricular perspective that provides teachers with tools to provide students with better digital skills and useful tools. Additionally, it contains free digital literacy classroom resources that are adapted for each province or territory.

The Use, Understand & Create Framework includes over 50 lessons and interactive games for all  levels from Kindergarten to Grade 12. They are focused on seven principals of digital literacy: Finding and Verifying, Ethics and Empathy, Privacy and Security, Digital Health, Consumer Awareness and Community Engagement. The last edits include Making and Remixing as a new principal that encourages students to become media producers by generating their own work.

Access the Use, Understand & Create Framework

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