Cablevisión and San Martín Argentinian community discuss opportunities for “Education in Digital Contexts”

Cablevisión Telecommunications Company and San Martín Argentinian community organized a panel to discuss digital literacy and strategies to utilize information technologies for strengthening education in the region. This event, entitled “Opportunities for Education in Digital Contexts,” had the objective of exchanging knowledge and experiences between different institutions, organizations and social actors that work in the fields where education meets IT.

Additionally, Cablevisión and the San Martín government announced the completion of their goal to provide 95 primary and secondary schools with access to broadband, reaching 22,280 students. The collaboration between these two institutions was facilitated by the Digital Inclusion Plan from San Martín’s community and Fibertel’s Education Lab.

According to Mariana Fiorono, Director of Social Responsibility for the community, they were “very satisfied with the results of the event because it promoted collaboration between the public and private sectors for the benefits of local children.”


Additional Sources: Comunicarse Web