Akoli village becomes digitally literate with Common Service Center of India Program

Akoli village in the Indian State of Telengana is the third community to be declared 100 percent digitally literate in India. It is the first community to become fully digitally literate under the support of the Common Service Center of India (CSCI) program. This means that there is at least one person in each of its 167 households that has a basic knowledge of computers and can access online public services.

The success of the Akoli village digital literacy project is due to the efforts of Nivalkar Gajanan, a village level entrepreneur who runs a Common Service Center close to the village.  Starting in January 2016, Mr. Gajanan organized 25-day intensive training sessions to teach all village inhabitants basic digital skills. The programme demonstrates the importance of ensuring a high level of engagement of people from the community sharing their skills in order to increase the level of digital literacy in their regions.


Additional Sources: The Hindu