México Conectado Access Points to provide digital literacy and skills throughout the country

Space Week in PMC Guanajuato

Space Week in PMC Guanajuato

The Mexican Ministry of Transportation and Communications launched a campaign to promote its 32 digital inclusion México Conectado Access Points, installed in each of the different regions of the country. In a recently published brief, the office explained the benefits that these centers may provide for children and youth. Some of the offered services include connection to broadband, digital literacy training and support for entrepreneurship as well as launching innovative projects.

The training curriculum for the México Conectado Access Points includes basic programming, robotics and computing skills, as well as access to games and hands on activities for enabling a better use of new technologies. Access to these resources may be provided in groups or individual appointments to receive orientation for particular projects. Additionally, diverse forums, conferences and workshops related to ICT and innovation will take place in these hubs.

In order to benefit from México Conectado Access Points, it is necessary to assist to a general visit and a training trial, or register for courses with a previously specified schedule.

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