Digital Journey Project to measure and increase digital literacy in Palmerston North, New Zealand

The Digital Journey Project, sponsored by Palmerston North City Council in New Zealand, aims to support businesses, schools and individuals to develop digital skills. However, recognizing the different levels of each person or institution, the program invites participants to start by filling out a survey that will provide the City Council with information about the regional digital literacy status.

Throughout August 2016, community centers with free access to computers and Internet will invite participants to provide their information in exchange for being entered into a draw for a mobile phone. After finishing the questionnaire, the users receive input about their weaker digital skills areas as well as recommendations for strengthening their knowledge.

Eventually, it is expected that the program supports small and medium businesses to build an online presence and position themselves in web sites as well as social media. This targets the findings of MYOB Business Monitor survey, which indicates that only 12% of the small and medium enterprises from the region have both services, compared with 20% in the national level.

The next stage of the process will be to develop a digital strategy based on the survey findings, with support from multiple stakeholders.

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