Digital Inclusion program targets Panamanian indigenous population

Odebrecht, the Technologic University of Panama, Dell Panama and different local leaders from the region trained 50 indigenous adults in mobile digital skills as part of the Project for the Third Electric Transmission Line. The group of participants was formed by members from eight communities: Cerro Venado, el Cogle, Cerro Viejo, Tolé, Nueva Esperanza, Piedra Pintada, La Trinidad and Viguí.

The Mobile Digital Inclusion Program consisted in a series of courses provided in the communities with the support of a bus that was prepared as an informatics lab. Its main purpose is to tackle the digital divide in marginalized communities from Panama. The curriculum for the courses was developed by Dell Panama and taught by specialists from Panama’s Technologic University. The next phase will provide children from these communities with digital skills.

Access the introductory video in Obedrecht Panama’s Youtube channel

Additional Sources: El Siglo