Digital literacy centers to teach ICT skills for youth in Bakau

Gambia’s Minister of Basic and Secondary Education, Hon. Fatou Lamin Faye, launched an ICT program called connect-a-school; connect-a-community in Bakau. With the support of the World Bank, this initiative seeks to promote better access to information sharing as well as national development through the building of digital skills for employment creation.

The program consists in the creation of six centers across the country to provide ICT access to underrepresented groups such as women, persons with disabilities, children, youth and indigenous population. It is expected that the free connectivity centers will not only provide youth with opportunities to learn digital skills, but also to use these tools for further enhancing their education.

The centers will provide visitors with additional services such as photocopying, scanning and printing. Additionally they will facilitate academic research among students and teachers alike.

Additional Sources: Observer