Cyient Digital Centers to provide resources for digital literacy in Serilingamapally suburb, Telengana

Tech company Cyient Ltd. launched 54 digital centers in Serilingampally suburb in Telengana, India. As part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the company, the Cyient Digital Centers (CDC) will be setup in different public schools from the region in order to offer unprivileged children opportunities to learn digital skills.

It is expected that the new CDC will support more than 20,000 children and provide guidance for an additional one thousand community members from the Serilinamapally area. Through the materials taught in these hubs, Cyient intends to empower citizens to become an active part of the country’s development process.

Currently, the curriculum from the centers include an online supplemental learning portal for students and teachers, CDs and DVDs to access offline content and other additional digital resources to support children in other subjects such as Mathematics and English. According to Cyient’s Founder and Chairman, availability of high quality educational resources for digital literacy is a must for any child today.

Additional Sources: The Hans India