Smart Classrooms and Digital Academies to train European youth with ICT skills for innovation

Given the high rates of youth unemployment in Europe, particular attention has been recently placed on training youth with digital skills to become part of the job market. Based on this fact, different organizations are currently offering digital literacy training to youth from the region.

Two initiatives targeting this shortage of ICT skills in Europe are Samsung’s Smart Classrooms and Digital Academies. The first one seeks to create digital learning opportunities for kids from 6 to 16 years old across 20 European countries. The second one tackles the digital skills gap among youths aged 16 to 24  providing them with access to smart technology, ICT training and employability programs that make them more competitive in the labor market.

In order to enhance this offer, MakerBot announced a strategic alliance with the company to provide the digital classrooms and academies with 3D printing technologies. The purpose of this effort is to increase the range of digital skills provided by these hubs in order to better prepare youth for job opportunities that require knowledge of the latest technologies. Additionally, it is intended to support students to combine their coding classes with design skills to get them engaged in the full design cycle in order to develop their ideas and innovate.

Additional Sources: 3D Printing Industry