Federal Communications Commission publishes White Paper and best practices guidelines for persons with cognitive disabilities in USA

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from USA has published a set of documents to promote best practices and guidelines for accessibility of services for persons with cognitive disabilities. The two documents were first drafted in October 2015 and after a series of revisions they are now ready for the users.

The White Paper “Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities: Barriers to and Solutions for Accessible Information and Communication Technologies” discusses the need for access to ICTs and what it entails. It presents definitions, benefits, legal bases, and the main challenges that persons with cognitive disabilities face for the adoption of these tools.

In its second document, “Best Practices to Promote Effective Access to and Usability of ICT Products and Services for Americans with Cognitive Disabilities,” the FCC consolidates a series of recommendations gathered by industry and consumer stakeholders to increase awareness among developers, manufacturers and service providers. The document is divided in three sub topics, which are Inclusion & Awareness, Personalization & Customization of Features and Functions, and finally Instructions, Guides & Interactions.