Google Web Rangers teaches youth from Philippines how to create digital literacy campaigns

Google Web Rangers initiative in Philippines is a program that promotes digital literacy and meaningful use of the internet for educational purposes among teenagers aged 12-21. Through different activities and an annual competition, the program gets youth involved in finding creative solutions to more efficiently teach digital skills to other children from their country.

This year, more than 60 Web Rangers (14 to 21 years old) were chosen from around 200 applicants in Manila. The participants attended a one-day workshop with partner agencies and were trained to make campaigns on digital literacy. After the training, they were given three weeks to create a campaign that would represent them as part of a competition.

The winners this year were a group of five students behind the Reconnect Project campaign, which consisted of showing that there is valuable information and learning resources available on the internet, but it is difficult to find due to online distractions. Besides from this activity, the group crated a website to share resources and content about education, health lifestyle and technology with their peers.

Additional Sources:  Sun Star