Ibirapitá Plan provides accessible tablets to seniors in Uruguay

Plan Ibrapitá 100,000 tablets  banner

Plan Ibrapitá 100,000 tablets banner

The government of Uruguay gave 100,000 tablets to seniors as part of the Ibirapitá Plan for national digital inclusion of retired pensioners. The devices have a specialized interface that was designed to be friendly and intuitive for seniors. Additionally, their contents are available in categories that allow users to easily access contents, as well as big icons and text to support those with visual impairments.

The Ibirapitá Plan has the objective of promoting digital inclusion among seniors and allowing them to access ICT services provided by the government. In March 2017, the program will invite beneficiaries to sign up to receive its services in the departments of Montevideo, Salto, Rivera and Tacuarembó.

More information about the devices, their use and how to sign up for the program are available at the Ibirapitá Plan website.

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