Saudi government supports youth to become tech entrepreneurs

MiSk Foundation created three strategic ventures to increase Saudi youth´s digital skills and knowledge to strengthen the national technology sector. The three organizations – MiSK Academy, MiSK Technovation and MiSK Booster will provide training as well as direct funding to inspire young Saudis to become entrepreneurs and promote the growth of this market.

At first, the MiSK Academy is expected to provide digital skills training to 5,000 youth per year in different activities including app development, coding, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and animation. It will also sponsor 400 trainee positions in diverse international tech companies.

Secondly, the MiSK Technovation project will promote the incubation of ideas and group entrepreneurs to implement their ideas. The group will focus on developing domestic applications in topics related to cybersecurity, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

Finally, MiSK Booster will consist of a capital fund to invest in start-ups to provide digital solutions and services in the region. It will also enable peer mentorship to support young entrepreneurs. The three initiatives form part of a broader effort known as the Vision 2030 for Saudi Arabia.

Additional Source: Saudi Gazette