E-swavalambika to train women for sharing their products through digital tools

Six new villages in Telengana, India were transformed to embrace the use of ICTs through the Digital India national program. As part of the initiative, persons aged 14 to 60 receive training on how to use computers, internet and using other online services.

However, besides from its emphasis on providing youth with further labor opportunities, the program has also influenced rural women. Through the e-swavalambika program, it is expected to support 5,000 women in seven states to become self-reliant by learning digital and financial literacy, as well as communication and other soft skills.

Currently over 100 women are training with the program that provides these women with the skills necessary to commercialize their products with the support of ICTs. Through self-employment it empowers rural women to expand their businesses with the support of computers both for marketing and distribution among a broader set of users.

Additional Sources: The Hans India