Digital talent program to foster ICT literacy and skills in UK

London Enterprise Partnership and the European Social Fund have launched a £7 million program to address the tech industry skills gap and promote the city´s technology sector. The initiative will mostly help women, minorities and people from disadvantaged communities to gain digital skills that are necessary for their career development.

The talent program will support participants through tailored learning courses and workshops as well as access to work opportunities. It will assist university students and teachers, as well as startups and small businesses.

One of the main characteristics of the initiative is that it seeks to prepare youth for future work through the exploration of different resources and educational methods. According to Kathryn Parsons, co-founder and CEO of tech education company DeCoded, “Businesses are desperately seeking coders, data scientists and cyber security skills, but also creative thinkers, problem solvers and communicators. We need to reimagine what education looks like.”

Sources: Computer Weekly