600 tribal women to receive digital skills training in Dholadih Village, India

The regional administration in Dholadih Village (Jharkhand state in India) opened a training center that will receive 600 tribal women to be trained in digital literacy skills. Although several girls in the village have received formal education, there is still a gap in access to internet and information technologies that will be targeted through this initiative.

Through the training centers, participants will be supported by other tech savvy women to perform electronic transactions and gain relevant digital skills. Currently, the village has 659 women,  65% of whom are digitally literate, and it is expected the remaining women will be empowered through the program. Considering that there is also a significant number of men in the village that do not have access to ICTs, the training will provide these women with the opportunity to help at home using digital services and electronic transactions.

Source: Times of India