Native Mozilla to enable indigenous Latin American population to browse the web

Native Mozilla logo

Native Mozilla logo

Mozilla open software organization will launch a new browser version to facilitate access to internet for indigenous population in Latin America. Given the language restraints in some remote regions, “Native Mozilla” will be available in indigenous languages to provide these groups of the population with the opportunity to participate in web related activities.

The project is being developed with the support of users from the community, translators, developers, activists and other allied organizations. Additional support has been received from 50 different native language projects from different countries in Latin America including Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador and El Salvador.

In addition to the translation of the browser for usability among indigenous population, the foundation is also updating it applications for iOS and Android platforms to facilitate mobile web access. One successful example in the process was the translation of the organization’s Android based products into Zapoteco, Mexican indigenous language.

All individuals with knowledge of indigenous languages can participate in the construction of contents for Native Mozilla. Sign up here to collaborate!

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