Interactive Women & Web Design workshop to teach website programming skills in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland coding boot camp, created by Tech Elevator founder and CEO, Anthony Hughes, organized a Women & Web Design free beginner’s workshop to teach the fundamentals of web development in the State of Ohio, in the US. The workshop, hosted by JumpStart in the beginning of February, invited a group of women of all ages and backgrounds to learn HTML/CSS programming to boost their website building skills.

The intensive 3-hour workshop was created to bring more women into the technology field. According to Hughes, “There’s a huge demand from women who are interested in exploring this path and this program is a good vehicle for them to try programming and have fun at the same time.”

Participants in the class are expected to pursue further coding knowledge after finishing the class through free online sources or other educational opportunities. According to the organizers, providing these women with the sense of creating something is a good way to attract them into getting more involved in the future. Based on the results, the program could eventually turn into a quarterly event.

Source: Fresh Water Cleveland