#BuiltByGirls Wave program to connect girls in New York

Built by Girls App

Built by Girls App

#BuiltByGirls group was created in 2014 to support 15-18 year old girls in New York through technology mentorship, guidance, career and training opportunities. Now in 2017, the organization launched a new program called Wave, which is a year-long initiative to pair 150 girls with three mentors from different technology companies in order to support them to enter the workforce.

According to Tory Marlin, the director of Marketing and partnerships of the organization, “The idea is long-term through the platform to build a pipeline of young women interested in technology, and pull together the best tech advisors in the country, to provide their expertise to the next generation of tech leaders.”

The program will consist in putting the girls in touch with tech mentors that they will visit once a month for three months. At the end of the third month, mentors will introduce girls to two additional relevant employees from their network in order to grow their networks and enhance their job-hunting process. Girls will then be introduced to other 2 mentors and follow the same process.

#BuiltByGirls will provide additional support to set up the mentorship program through a mobile application that will track their meetings and the elaboration of a hypothetical business challenge such as creating a new branch or product for the mentor’s company. The first beta group of 150 girls  will start in May 2017. According to Marlin, “The way that we see this is that by 2020 we would have 20,000 girls participating with more than 90,000 connections.”

Source: Fast Company