Free HTML/CSS workshop to teach digital skills in Calgary, Canada

On March 25, 2017, Lighthouse Labs will provide a free one-day HTML workshop for 150 people in Calgary, Canada. Two main instructors and a group of volunteer mentors will teach the group basic web programming skills as an introduction to encourage them to further develop their computing abilities.

The course will train participants to develop a profile page that can be customized as a resume or company website. The output of the workshop is intended to be useful for the students as well as attractive. Attendees are expected to bring their own devices and be prepared to start from scratch regardless of their prior knowledge or skills.

According to Amy Mansell, manager of the event, “The reason we do this event, HTML and CSS are really the starting event of all coding, and we believe everyone should at least have the chance to try and see if it’s for them.” Hopefully, the course may encourage some students to start a career in the tech industry or follow up on their projects to further advance their digital knowledge.

Registration to enter the lottery system for choosing 150 participants is available at the HTML 500


Source: Metro News