Caribbean Video Assistance Services to enhance communication of persons with disabilities through ICTs

The Caribbean Telecommunications Union and VTC Secure proposed the implementation of a new service to enable people with visual or hearing impairments to better communicate with the support of ICTs. The Caribbean Video Assistance Service (CVAS) uses a non-expensive tech platform via smartphone, computer or wireless devices.

The communication is enabled using a Personal Universal Communication app that supports persons with hearing and visual impairments to exchange information with all types of users either through interpreters, video assistance or automatic voice to text conversion.

According to the head of the CTU, “to empower persons with disabilities, it requires  the  involvement  of  Governments,  Persons   with   disabilities   and   the   Organizations   that   serve   them,   ICT   Service   Providers,   Network   Operators,  Regulators  and  the  support  of  corporate  citizens,  with  whom  the  CTU  is  prepared  to   facilitate.”

Source: GAATES