Sandbox initiative teaches basic and advanced digital skills in Toronto

Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone in Toronto launched an initiative called Sandbox to offer all-ages digital literacy classes. The program offers a wide curriculum of topics that go from email marketing and digital music production to using Snapchat and digital financial literacy.

The main purpose of Sandbox is to promote innovation through digital technologies and community building within the local tech industry. The program is supposed to get participants engaged by introducing them to useful technologies that help them know what they enjoy and what they are good at.

Sandbox is located at Ryerson’s Student Learning Center and can receive up to 150 people at a time. Classes are free and founded by diverse government and private sponsors, however, students are responsible for providing their own hardware or loaning it for the duration of the class.

Additional support will be received from organizations such as MaRS and RED Academy for providing coding, web development, web design and UX classes in the future.

Sources: Now Toronto