Cyber literacy programs target children, seniors and youth in Barcelona

Barcelona’s Town Hall launched the “Ciberalfabetización” (Cyber literacy) project to provide short term digital inclusion training in 31 libraries around the city. The initiative is composed of three free programs to target the digital divide, enhance technology skills and promote the involvement of children and seniors in ICT related tasks.

Some of the courses that will take place include a training curriculum for children aged 7-12 using Scratch software to teach programming skills in a fun way. The course is divided between 12 sessions lasting 2 hours each. Another example is a curriculum for students aged 12-17 to promote online reading habits and teach video editing tools as well as social networking skills. The second curriculum is divided into 4 sessions lasting 2 hours each. In the case of senior citizens, 4 session courses will be provided to teach them how to use mobile devices, browse the internet and utilize personal communication apps to reach family and friends.

Today, at least 901 people have participated in one of these courses. More than half of them (563) were seniors, 182 children and 156 youth preparing to share their experiences online.

Sign up for the courses at Barcelona’s Town Hall website between March 6-20

Sources: El Periodico