Alliance to enhance connectivity infrastructure and digital literacy in USA

Cox and the American Library Association (ALA) are partnering to promote digital literacy through a two-step approach that incorporates access to infrastructure and free digtal literacy training. According to ALA president, Julie Todaro, this joint effort will “combine the expertise of librarians with a robust technology infrastructure and growing digital resources to advance digital opportunity for all in our USA.”

Cable operators see a link between digital literacy and broadband uptake.  The  Connect2Compete program provides broadband access to low-income households.  In partnership with ALA, Cox will offer digital literacy training in English and Spanish in three cities and run an advertising campaign to promote digital literacy and then study the outcomes.  In addition its customers will be able to access training on the  Digital Learn platform which offers free access to resources for learning technology skills such as using a PC, cloud storage, online safety, Microsoft Word and basic search, among others.

Source: Broadcasting Cable