Schools in Argentina receive support to increase the impact of ICTs in the classroom

The Directive Education Technologies in Buenos Aires, Argentina launched a campaign to train teachers and directors of local schools in order to target the digital divide and spread the knowledge with children from the region. This task is being accomplished by 250 facilitators and coordinators that will show participants how to utilize ABC digital education platform.

This educational system provides diverse functionalities to provide children with digital skills and allow them to take advantage of opportunities to learn from the distance. Additionally, it stores makes it easier to share the curriculum with the students, interact in groups via technology applications, send their homework and enable critical discussion.

The trainers of the program will also teach professors how to use other valuable applications such as Google Drive, Hangout, shared documents and online calendars. The courses are complemented with critical discussion about how to use technology and responsibly handle social media in an educational environment. Some additional technical support was provided to enhance the productivity of hardware in the schools.


Source: La Ciudad Avellaneda