Google provides training for 1 million Africans through Digital Skills program

Google announced that its Digital Skills program reached its yearly goal of training 1 million Africans. Through this initiative, the organization intends to support local online businesses to grow through the usage of technology tools to amplify their productivity and reach out to more customers.

The program consists in a suite of 89 courses available at the portal, which was created with the support of 14 training partners that cover more than 20 countries with face-to-face training. It provides assistance to local businesses through offline versions of its online training materials and content in indigenous languages such as Swahili, Isizulu and Hausa.

According to Bunmi Banjo, Growth Engine & Brand Lead in Sub-Saharan Africa, “Having 1 million digitally skilled young people in Africa is good for everyone. If young people have the right skills, they’ll build businesses, create jobs and boost economic growth across the continent.”

Source: IT News Africa