Argentinan Caretronics firm creates memory training applications for retired seniors in Latin America

Recuerdos by Caretronics. Picture by Cromo.

Recuerdos by Caretronics. Picture by Cromo.

Argentinian firm Caretronics will son finalize its Autobiographic Training Software to support seniors in Argentina and Uruguay. The purpose of this innovation is to continue the labor of the organization creating services to support seniors enhance their memories, reaffirm their personal identities and get closer to technology in an entertaining and useful way.

Another application created by Caretronics is “Recuerdos” (“Memories” in English), which is currently part of Uruguay’s Digital Inclusion Plan to support more than 400,000 retired seniors to train their memories. During the next few months, 70,000 additional tablets will be provided for further beneficiaries to have access to this and other resources.

According to the creators of Caretronics, they are very satisfied because their application is helping seniors to access technology and, even more, making it possible for them to appreciate it. Next steps will be to focus on creating software to allow seniors to share their memories as well. Further adaptations of the software are expected for Brasil and Chile.

Download the Argentinian version of the application.

Source: Telam