Singapore will provide 100,000 micro:bit devices to teach students how to program

Microbit Board

Microbit Board

Singapore will provide 100,000 school-children and adults with pocket codeable computer devices to train them in advanced digital skills. The device, called micro:bit, is integrated by a set of LED lights, sensors, a Bluetooth chip and a meter for measuring magnetic fields. Students will be able to write code to turn this device into different tools.

Introducing this device into different schools will be possible as part of the Digital Maker Program to train primary and secondary schools over the next two years. This effort replicates a program taking place in UK to boost interest in STEM related fields with the support of micro:bit. Further incentives will be provided to Singaporean companies that create similar tools for enhancing digital skills.

Some examples of projects that have been created with micro:bit devices are a step-counter, an air guitar, a basketball arcade game, roving robots, wristbands for visually impaired, heat activated fans and auto watering systems for plants.

Source: Straits Times