Punto Digital de Paraná offers digital skills workshops for seniors in Argentina

The technology hub “Punto Digital de Paraná”, created by the Ministry of Telecommunications in Argentina, launched a workshop in April 2016 to teach informatics and technology skills for seniors from the region. The workshop, sponsored by the Universidad para Adultos Mayores Integrados and the Universidad Autónoma de Entre Ríos, seeks to empower seniors to access different information resources online.

The Punto Digital technology hub is a community space, where several educational resources are provided to promote social, cultural and digital inclusion for all ages. Through its senior’s program, members of this group receive training to exercise their memory, learn how to use new technologies, access online media and health resources, increase their knowledge about literature, play games, and enhance their photography skills, among other things.

More information about Paraná´s Punto Digital hub can be obtained by calling (0343) 4209040

Sources: APF Digital