Mada Center launches projects to boost e-accessibility of government sites in Qatar

The Mada Center has worked through 2017 with 10 different government ministries and agencies in Qatar to promote e-accessibility standards for online services. In order to achieve this goal, Mada Center has organized different projects that aim to support persons with disabilities following the guidelines published by United Nations for inclusive websites.

Some of the actions that have been performed by Mada Center’s initiative include baseline status research, training of web developers and designers, website audits of government websites and remedial steps to boost the creation of accessible sites. According to Maha al-Mansouri, CEO of Mada Center, “We are committed to fulfilling the rights to digital access that are explicitly outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of people with disabilities, to which Qatar is a signatory.”

As part of the Mada Center’s e-accessibility accreditation program, different government digital platforms have been evaluated and recognized for their inclusive design. Some of those are the Ministry of Interior website, Hukoomi (Qatar e-government portal), the Accessible Qatar mobile app and QITCOM 2017, among others.

Source: GAATES