USA: Women in ICT By the Numbers

NWCIT by the numbers screenshot

NWCIT by the numbers screenshot

The National Center for Women in Information Technologies in USA released new statistics related to female participation in the field of ICTs. In the midst of the Girls in ICT Day 2017, the relevance of this study is to provide guidelines to detect which are the major barriers that stop girls from getting engaged in STEM related fields thus slowing the process of creating a more diverse and productive industry.

The numbers of 2016 show that currently 57% of job positions in the country are held by women, however only 26% of computing jobs correspond to female employees. Furthermore, only 1 out of 5 Chief Information Officers in Fortune 100 Companies are held by women. These results are no surprising, given that only 18% of graduated bachelor’s in Computer and Information Sciences in 2015 were females.

The study’s main results also present a significantly positive insight, which is that from the year 2000 to 2015, the percentage of first-year undergraduate women interested in majoring in Computer and Information Sciences has grown 21%.

Source: NWCIT