Digital literacy centers in Delhi using recycled tech devices

A group of students of Delhi University in India, started project Udaan to set up computer centers in rural areas. The model consists in building computers with resources acquired from previously discarded devices thus promoting a more intelligent usage of e-waste in urban areas and channeling this equipment into village computer labs.

One example of this type of labs is currently operating in the Kaloi village of Jhajjar district. The center teaches children from the community how to use basic Microsoft functions and supports them on their studies. In order to gather additional resources, it is also a cyber café and a gate for easy access to digital services for villagers.

The creation of the center was achieved with the support of local authorities, the students from Delhi University and Godrej. Furthercenters wil be opened in the villages of  Mavikala, Suhana and Khurrum Pur in UP and Mubarakpur, Jahangirpur and Gijarodh in Haryana province.


Source: Asian Age