Mzansi Online Project will continue to increase digital youth employment through 2019

The partnership between the National Library of South Africa (NSLA) and private industry partners will continue to provide digital training and access to employment opportunities for youth in ICT through 2019. This initiative seeks to promote access to digital skills and certifications for youth to reach further employment opportunities and support the goals of the National Development Agenda 2030.

Besides from providing access to digital devices and training, the partnership handles a Graduate Internship Program to empower youth while increasing ICT support in community libraries. Given the growing need for access to ICT resources, the partnership offered through the Mzansi Libraries Online Project (MLOP) consists in providing libraries in all 27 provinces with technology infrastructure and training to share with citizens. This is intended to spread technology skills to access diverse public resources related to topics such as healthcare and entrepreneurism.

Sources: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Database and National Library of South Africa