Google launches platform for digital skills and employment in Latin America

Google launched a digital skills and employment platform in Latin America to support students, alumni and entrepreneurs with training related to topics such as organizational social networks, building online stores, and leveraging technology to handle products exports. This site was launched in collaboration with the Mexican Ministry of Economy and the National Institute of Entrepreneurship as a mechanism to digitize small firms and provide students with better job opportunities.

According to Miguel Alva, Google’s Marketing Director for Latin America, the platform will be open to individuals from different backgrounds, from recent graduates seeking to find their first jobs to professionals working in firms with specific duties. It currently contains 23 modules organized  in 89 lectures in video format. After finishing all of the classes of each module, students receive certificates from ConnectAmericas, an organizational social network created by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Some of the main modules include Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Web Development, Productivity and Business Development. Before choosing the modules, users have to respond to a questionnaire to define which topics would be the most relevant to support them to pursue their goals.

Source: Hoy