STEM students and teachers to receive grants from Australian government

Given the relevance of STEM related activities for Australia’s economy, on its 2017 budget there are a series of initiatives expected to support technology and science education in rural regions. This announcement is part of Australia’s policy for investing AU$48 million to improve STEM literacy of students and AU$51 million for teachers in ICT fields.

Some of the main projects that will receive funds are the following:



Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships

AU$24 million

Digital applications to improve children’s literacy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

AU$5.9 million
Maker project for children to learn STEM skills

AU$4 million

Digital Literacy School Grants

AU$4 million

Through these programs, the government will provide around 1,200 scholarships to gifted students in rural regions for different levels of education in priority STEM fields, plus support for schools and community organizations that teach design, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Additional support will be provided to increase digital literacy among aboriginal children across 20 preschools, and deliver digital literacy programs to students through activities such as IT summer schools.

According to Australia’s Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, Alastair MacGibbon, “For me, being a successful person in my generation was being able to read and write and do basic maths. What is going to get our kids to be successful in this world is the concept of computation, coding, and communication.”

Source: ZdNet