Digital inclusion classrooms for youth with disabilities in Bolivia

A new Digital Classroom for youth and children with disabilities was opened in the San Ignacio de Velasco community in Bolivia. This project is intended to provide these kids with access to technology devices in order to further develop their ICT literacy as well as other cognitive, social and motor skills. This is the 24th classroom of a program organized by Tigo Telephone company in order to incorporate ICTs into the education of youth with disabilities in the country. These digital classrooms provide beneficiaries with tablets, videogames, TVs and computing equipment in different locations, including La Paz, Oruro and Tarija states.

The project consists in 3 different phases which focus on providing basic digital skills, teaching them interactive videogames and evaluating the learning results in each user. Approximately 100 children with different types of disabilities are currently participating on these centers. Further expansion will take place in Bolivian rural regions.

Sources: El Deber, El Deber