Mobile Public Computer Center brings digital literacy to Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. (viNGN and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration launched a new initiative to increase access to digital technologies through a Mobile Public Computer Center (PCC) lab. At this hub, people from the Virgin Islands’ communities will be able to access diverse training opportunities, as well as equipment to increase their digital skills. The equipment associated to the lab will include 10 Chromebooks, computer mice and a mini projector.

This mobile laboratory will be used to reach out to regions that are currently not being benefited by the 33 existing PCCs located through the territory. It will allow the organization to provide computer literacy training at any location where there is access to a Wi-Fi internet connection. In the words of Anita Davis, viNGN PCC Manager, “viNGN often receives requests to provide training outside of the PCCs and the Mobile PCC Lab is a hardware enabler to provide impromptu computer literacy training in any PCC, viNGN training space, or a location where Wi-Fi is available.”

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Source: Viconsortium