Four cohorts witness success of Digital Skills and Bike Thrills digital literacy program

“Digital skills and Bike Thrills” is the name of a program implemented in Philadelphia, United States of America, to teach digital skills to citizens in order to support them to sign up for using bike-share services. The program, created by Indego and the city’s Office of Adult Education, is intended to address digital literacy as a barrier to access public services.

To participate in the program, citizens must sign-up online and download an application to navigate through the stations. While the service is available for everyone, it requires at least basic digital literacy skills and access to mobile devices. According to Claudia Setubal, Indego’s manager, “We saw a lot of people were interested in bike-share but were really nervous about going online logging in and creating a profile.”

The orientation takes place at initially at Keyspot training centers, and provides participants with one free month of Indego membership. The rest of the course takes place online and consists in completing different tasks to find their way through the city. Finally, there is an in person graduation to recognize the achievement of the students.

So far, four cohorts have graduated from the program, reaching out to at least 80 students. Most of them were from low-income communities and ranged between the ages of 22 to 30 and 50 to 59 years old.

Source: Next City