Dhwanigalu project empowers Indian girls to solve community challenges using technology

In March 2017, the Dhwanigalu project was launched in rural Mysuru, at Karnataka state in India to empower girls with access to technology skills. This program, organized by Bengaluru-based NGO, IT for Change, provided one year of digital training for 85 girls in the district.

The training consisted in providing girls with computers, tablets and cameras at the learning center in the village. The staff of the organization taught them how to use the devices and encouraged them to utilize the new skills for solving problems faced by the community, and to share with their parents educational information about topics such as child marriages. Another relevant project pursued by one of the girls was to research for better farming techniques from neighbor villages to enhance the productivity of her hometown.

Dhwanigalu program is overall promoting social change through technology skills. This approach has also been adopted in other Indian regions such as Haryana district, where elderly women received similar training to find out solutions for community challenges.

Source: Factor Daily