Google Academy launched to boost ICT skills in UK

Google opened a new academy in Victoria, London to support UK government through providing digital skills for people from all ages and professional backgrounds. Given recent reports pointing out to an ICT skills shortage in the area, it is expected that these types of programs implemented both by the government and tech companies will support to boost the digital economy and make technology more accessible for the population.

During its first week, the Google Academy will offer a course to get started in technology, providing participants with access to tools and knowledge about how to create a brand story. Additionally, a two-day Leaders in Tech summit will take place to bring policy makers, entrepreneurs and professionals from the tech industry to share their experiences. These actions are expected to support the efforts currently placed on “Digital Garages” centers to offer face-to-face training for basic digital skills such as email, browsing and social media.

According to Google UK managing director, Ronan Garris, working in this public-private partnership will help the communities to start new businesses that lead to jobs that maybe have not even been created before.

Source: Ldp hub