Computational Thinking is a key skill to prepare students for the future workforce

Tata Consultancy Services in partnership with Discovery and other organizations launched the “Ignite My Future” program to invite students to get involved in STEM related education. This program has already reached out to more than 18,000 students through mentoring programs to make STEM fields more attractive.

According to a recent article published by BizTech Magazine, this initiative aims to close the tech skills gap through teaching computational thinking skills. Furthermore, it states that these skills would help students better understand how technology works, thus providing them with better foundations to adapt to the future workforce.

During last 2017 Social Innovation Summit in Chicago, Daryl Brewster, CEO of The CEO force for Good, stated that “there are 500,000 open computing jobs across the U.S., and only 40,000 students are graduating to fill those positions.” Taking this into consideration, it is currently necessary to keep promoting the adoption of STEM related careers among students.

Source: BizTech Magazine