ICTs to improve education in Jordan

Given the growth in population and rising demand for quality education in Jordan, the country has organized a set of initiatives to modernize the sector, leveraging the potential of ICTs. The main strategies implemented by the government were to provide educational institutions with advanced ICT capabilities and encourage ICT training in universities

Firstly, the Second Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy program in Jordan took place between 2011 and 2016. This $407.6m USD initiative was organized to better prepare students for the modern economy through the incorporation of technology infrastructure and services. It consisted in generating 624 classrooms, 13 ICT labs and 34 science labs for pre-tertiary students.  Additionally, the Open Education Management Information System (OpenEMIS) was created with UNESCO’s support to gather information about schools to enhance public policies aimed to improve education.

The second strategy to promote ICT skills training in universities was mostly aimed at addressing unemployment and the skills gap.  It included an emphasis on fostering ICT entrepreneurship among graduates at the annual Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition, where 100 teams were selected to participate in 2017.

Source: Oxford Business Group