Kenyan professor recognized for using ICTs to teach physics and mathematics

Paul Thairu, a 36-year-old physics and mathematics teacher from Loreto Kiambu Girls High School in Kenya was recently recognized by the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology for finding innovative ways to integrate ICT teaching into his curriculum.

His main strategy was to introduce the use of audiovisual resources to show students how to do practical exercises. At first, he would record a group performing certain experiments with his phone and then use those recordings to teach other students with a computer and a projector. According to the professor, “I came to find out that once a student sees their colleagues in an audio visual practical they related well with what I was teaching and were encouraged and could discuss among themselves. This improved their grades tremendously.”

Also, receiving feedback from the students, Elizabeth Mune and Ivy Nyambura from fourth grade expressed their positive experience with professor Thairu’s class, “We always look forward to the classes and what we learn and we can easily access information through the internet during school holidays, which will help us in our exams to perform better.”

Source: The Star