GE Balance the Equation to hire 20,000 women in STEM roles by 2020

GE - Balance the Equation

GE – Balance the Equation

General Electric’s campaign launched in February 2017 aims to get 20,000 women hired for STEM related jobs in USA by 2020 in order to achieve a 50% gender balance in entry-level technical programs. Through this initiative, the organization seeks to target the digital skills divide thus increasing the productivity and potential of digital technologies within the industry.

The program, called “Balance the Equation,” was based on a white paper released by the company explaining that only 14% engineers and 25% of IT professionals in the country are women. However, women outnumber men overall in higher education. According to GE Chief Economist, Marco Annunziata, “Unless we bring more women into technology and manufacturing, there will be a significant negative economic impact on the sector. This is a problem for business to actively address.”

The main strategies that will be used by the company to attract female labor force in STEM include re-examining its executive school portfolio, as well as enhancing its career advancement and leadership development opportunities to promote more retention of employees.

Watch GE Balance the Equation commercial video.

 Source: GE